Return to In-Person Worship

In Person worship Sunday mornings at 10:30. Below please find information regarding the worship service and new policies developed by session.The session based their decision on the recommendations from the Presbytery of Eastern Virginia, directives from the Governor of Virginia, and session’s primary concerns for the health and safety of you, the congregation of Hidenwood Presbyterian Church. The following measures for a safe in-person worship were approved:

  1. The sanctuary will be sanitized and disinfected each Friday and the doors will be closed until the service on Sunday. The process will be repeated on Mondays.
  2. Services will be shortened to 30 minutes.
  3. Worshippers will be required to wear masks. Extra masks will be on hand if needed.
  4. We will open one door on the parking lot side of the Narthex 15 minutes before the service in order to reduce congregating in the Narthex.
  5. There will be one greeter at the door with gloves and mask to reduce handling of the door. Worshippers will be asked to go directly to their seats and maintain 6 feet of social distancing entering and leaving the sanctuary.
  6. Every other pew will be blocked to maintain social distancing in the sanctuary. Families will be allowed to sit together.
  7. Hymnals and bibles will be removed. Please feel free to bring your bible from home.
  8. We will not be routinely using bulletins; if they are needed they will be placed in the pews prior to service.
  9. An offering plate will be placed at the door as you leave the sanctuary.
  10. At this time, we will not be serving communion.
  11. There will be no choir or hymn singing; we hope to have soloists to safely provide worship music.
  12. Online worshipping will continue.





414 Hiden Blvd
Newport News, VA 23606