Lenten Season Information

Lenten Worship Schedule

February 17, 2021, Ash Wednesday available at 9:00 am
Sunday March 21, 2021, Lenten Cantata
March 28, 2021, Palm Sunday, Palm strips will be made available
Holy Week Services
March 29, 30, and 31

Holy Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday
Reflections available daily at 9:00 am
April 1, 2021, Maundy Thursday, 7:00 pm
April 2, 2021, Good Friday, 7:00 pm.
April 4, 2021, Easter Sunday
Join us as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ
Tentative Sunrise Service
10:30 worship

Our Lenten Devotional is available through email or a paper copy can be requested through the church office. If you would like a paper copy please email [email protected] ane one will be mailed to you.

414 Hiden Blvd
Newport News, VA 23606