Blood Drives

Each month
Fellowship Hall

Blood Drives are held each month. Please check the calendar for more information or to donate. You can also check the Red Cross website


Chair Yoga with Alice
Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays
} 9:30am
McKeithen Hall
Yoga with Alice
} 5:00pm

We will explore our spirituality, balance, and breathing with yoga moves designed to tone and awaken the body! Cost is by donation. Please consult your doctor before engaging in new physical fitness activities.

Food Closet

The Church Office receives calls nearly everyday for food referrals from the United Way of the Virginia Peninsula, whose First Call program has been the number one source for referral to community services for residents of the Virginia Peninsula for the past 20 years.

During the Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas holidays, the Mission Committee helps around one dozen families with their holiday meal and other groceries, and the committee, with the help of church members, supports an Angel Tree at Christmas.

Hidenwood’s Food Closet is entirely dependent on donations from the congregation. Our Preschool children bring peanut butter and jelly as an offering during their chapel time twice monthly. Through monetary donations to the Food Closet, the Mission Committee is able to purchase perishable items for the holiday meals and purchase staple items when our food inventory is running low.

Donations can be brought to the church office during the week, or you may place your donations in the wicker baskets in the narthex on Sunday mornings. Many thanks for your donations!

The Potter’s House

Hidenwood member Richard Howes loved to work with clay and ceramics. He had his own workshop in the backyard and he could be found out there most days working on his wheel or pouring molds. Most of the things he made he gave away. It brought him joy to make things and give them away.

When Richard passed away in February 2009, his family gave Hidenwood a wonderful gift—all the equipment and supplies from his pottery workshop! That gift planted the seeds of a dream of a pottery ministry at Hidenwood. Five years later and the dream has become a reality. The kiln has been re-wired and installed, aned an upstairs Sunday school classroom has been converted into a pottery workshop complete with four potter’s wheels.

On Sunday, January 12, 2014, Hidenwood dedicated The Potter’s House to the glory of God. Richard’s son and daughter were here to participate in that dedication.

Rise Against Hunger

Don Kane

Hundreds of volunteers have turned out over the past few years to package up over 100,000 meals! They filled bags with a nutritious mix of dry soup ingredients, sealed them, packed them into crates, ready to go directly to hungry people around the world.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people donated their change, and more, at locations all across the Peninsula — from Chick-fil-A to the Cheese Shoppe — to fund these meals at 35 cents each.

Our coordinator, Don Kane, is to be commended for his year-round advocacy of Stop Hunger Now!

United Campus Ministries

Forrest Teague

The mission of United Campus Ministries is to provide Protestant Christian ministry to the Christopher Newport University community, to facilitate interfaith dialogue, and collaboration with students, faculty, and staff in order to cultivate an environment that respects religious and cultural diversity. We share the intention of the United Methodist Church Board of Education and Campus Ministries: to invite and equip students to explore, engage and embody an active faith in God.

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